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  • Wider Sleep Surface

    With a quick click, it's easy to expand this bed to 42" wide for added patient comfort.

  • Advanced Positioning

    One-button low-chair, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

  • Clinical Contour®

    This exclusive feature can reduce skin shear and repositioning needs.

  • Enhanced Comfort

    Added features for bariatric patient dignity, safety and overall well-being.

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  • Deck Height (low position): 3.6"
  • Deck Height (high position): 25"
  • Sleeping Surface: 35", 39", 42" x 80"L (84"L optional)
  • Maximum Safe Working Load: 600 lbs
  • Optional Accessories: NightLight, Scale, Trapeze, 2 or 4 rails, Battery Backup, Safety (falls) Mat, 4” Bed Extender, Staff Controls

NEW! Advanced Positioning: Added comfort and treatment with one button low-chair, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

NEW! Clinical-Contour®: An exclusive feature that reduces skin shear and the repositioning of residents.

NEW! Staff Lockout Control: Built-in on the pendant, this standard feature to prevent unintended operation.

NEW! Backlit Pendant: Allowing the controls to be viewed easier as well as provide additional safety at night.

NEW! UnderBed Light: Optional night light provides additional safety and light under the bed.

Falls Risk: Floor level height with optional safety mat and advanced falls alarm system to help facilities manage high-risk resident falls.

Bariatric Dignity: Provide bariatric residents the same equipment utilized throughout your facility.

Custodial Care: Enhance resident comfort (expandable width) and height (up to 30″) to manage custodial residents' needs.

Short Term Rehab: Advanced positioning features (Cardiac Chair, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg), optional scale to manage higher acuity residents.

Standardization: Improve staff training as well as maintenance with ONE bed-frame solution across your facility.

Support and Safety Rule the Day with AllCare

The AllCare model ensures adequate support and assures safety for patients with the following features:

Floor-lowering capability

Wider sleep surface

Fall-prevention enhancements for high-risk patients

Availability of advanced positioning options

Built-in patient and caregiver controls with one-touch access

Customizable features for patient comfort, dignity, and well-being

Single bed frame to allow for faster staff training