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  • Deluxe Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed

    Premium Aesthetics, Battery Backup/Nightlight plus SafeTurn.

  • Standard Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed

    Built in stand assist with adjustable sleep surface plus SafeTurn.

  • Fixed Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed

    Multiple height settings & adjustable sleep section plus SafeTurn.

  • Mattresses and Accessories

    Choice of gel memory foam, four-way stretch, heel pillows, & more.

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  • Deck Height (low position): 12.5"
  • Deck Height (high position): 15.5" or 18.5" (caster options)
  • Sleeping Surface: 36" or 42"W x 80"L
  • Maximum Safe Working Load: 600lb
  • Optional Accessories: Mobility Bar, Foot Rails, 4” bed Extender, Siderails
  • Deck Height (low position): 12.5" Deck Height (low position): 12.5"
  • Deck Height (high position): 27.5
  • Sleeping Surface: 36" or 42"W x 80"L
  • Maximum Safe Working Load: 600lb
  • Optional Accessories: NightLight, Mobility Bar, Foot Rails, Battery Backup, Staff Controls, 4” bed Extender, Trendeleburg/Reverse, Siderails
  • Deck Height (low position): 12 3/4"
  • Deck Height (high position): 28 3/4"
  • Sleeping Surface: 36" or 42"W x 80"L
  • Maximum Safe Working Load: 600lb
  • Standard Options: NightLight, Battery Backup
  • Optional Accessories: Mobility Bar, Foot Rails, Staff Controls, 4” bed Extender, Digital Scale (Deluxe), Trendeleburg/Reverse, Siderails

The ActiveCare Rotating Pivot Hospital Bed — Improve Mobility, Comfort, Independence, and Safety with the push of ONE Button
the inception of the hospital bed, one of the biggest challenges for
patients and caregivers is safely getting in and out of bed. Today,
Med-Mizer has innovated the ActiveCare Bed to solve this challenge. The ActiveCare
is the first US-manufactured rotating hospital bed with innovative
technology to help improve mobility, comfort, independence, and the
safety of both the individual and caregiver.
For anyone looking to remain independent due to a progressive illness or injury, the ActiveCare can allow you to safely transfer in and out of bed.
We have created three different ActiveCare models (Deluxe, Standard, and Fixed Height) to ensure our customers have the option to equip their ActiveCare
with desired features and functionality. Our standard version is for
individuals who desire pleasing looks with great features and
Over a decade ago Med-Mizer launched the Pivot Rehab
Bed Platform which innovated the way individuals were able to safely
enter and exit the bed. The ActiveCare
was built upon this concept with enhanced technology and a decade of
customer feedback. With our exclusive OneButtonSafeTurn feature the bed
allows an individual to the position from being fully seated in a chair
to a lying down sleeping position and conversely from a lying down
sleeping position returning into a full seated position. Imagine having
the ability to sit in a full chair position and eat a meal, socialize
with family and friends, and even read a book or use a personal device
from the comforts of your bed. If an end-user is struggling to
independently get their legs in and out of the bed, the ActiveCare
is a great solution. As an added benefit, utilizing the built-in stand
assist (high/low height adjustment) allows you to raise the bed to an
appropriate height to stand up and exit the bed (or sit down).
The ActiveCare
is fully adjustable and can be used like a normal bed where an
individual can raise their head and knee sections for added comfort. As
an added bonus, it also has a trendelenburg option to help elevate an
individual's legs (edema, swelling, and circulation issues).
If you are considering the need for additional medical equipment, the ActiveCare can be used as a reclining chair, a fully adjustable hospital bed, as well as a sit-to-stand lift.
The ActiveCare solution allows for dignified care and comfort from wherever you may call home (your own residence, facility, or hospital).

Individual (end-user):

Enhance Independence & Mobility with automatedOneButtonSafeTurn to help get you safely get in andout of bed

Create comfort with unlimited positioning options andfull chair seating

Built-in stand assist (high/low) to help you stand up or sitdown at any height

42″ comfort width option offers additional space androom to reposition

Hospital features and quality without the hospital look

Reduce caregiver injuries and efficiency (reduction in transfers,reduced time in repositioning, etc)

Ideal for home care, rehabilitation, long-term care, hospice,assisted living, and hospitals.